SiD Online Video Training Courses

These online video training courses build understanding in systemic sustainability and the core components of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework. There are courses for beginners, as well as experts and professional video training from 4 weeks onwards.

These courses have been developed by Except Integrated Sustainability, together with Tom Bosschaert, the original author of Symbiosis in Development (SiD).

The courses cover:

  • Key concepts including integrated sustainability, systems thinking, resilience, circularity, design thinking, social justice, ecosystems, energy, and road mapping.
  • Applying concepts into practice via real examples, case-based, transdisciplinary team projects and video explanations.
  • Understanding how to apply systems thinking in your own work environment to design more creative, innovative, long-lasting solutions.
  • Learn to use system mapping and complexity thinking, within SiD's framework of Resilience, Harmony, and Autonomy.


  • Downloadable resources
  • Interactions with other experts and enrich your network
  • Watch anytime, on any device at your own pace

Currently available courses

On this Future Learn page you can find all the below online courses. The programs have two different formats. The first covers essential sustainability basics, available as a free open course. The second ‘Expert Track’ is a series of in-depth video courses to learn how to become an expert. For those new to systemic and integrated sustainability we recommend to start with the free introduction course.

Introduction course:

Expert Track:

Expert Track individual parts: