New Symbiosis in Development training at Except

Tom Bosschaert News

New training programs for the Symbiosis in Development framework are now offered by Except Integrated sustainability. Both open-registration workshops around Europe and worldwide in-company training are offered. 

Except has been giving SiD training since 2008. New programs are developed yearly in response to new trends in sustainable development, such as the circular economy, natural capital, blue economy, and resilience design. Custom training for companies, governments and NGO’s are offered year-round, including train-the-trainer programs.

Open registration courses

  • SiD Short Masterclasses (2-8 hours)
  • SiD Stage 1 Integrated Sustainability Training – Fundamentals (3 days)
  • SiD Stage 2 Integrated Sustainability Training – Intermediate (2 days)
  • SiD Stage 3A Integrated Sustainability Training  – Network Analysis (2 days)
  • SiD Stage 3B Integrated Sustainability Training  – System Dynamics (2 days)
  • SiD Stage 3C Integrated Sustainability Training  – Process & Project Management (2 days)
  • SiD Summer & Winter case-development course (5-10 days)

In-company training

  • SiD Masterclasses
  • SiD Change Management Programs
  • SiD Innovation Programs

Train-the-trainer programs

  • SiD train-the-trainer programs (for company trainers)
  • SiD for Educators program (for educators of Bachelor and Master programs)

See the Except website for details.